Wow, this makes sense

We probably are now at the turning point of anxiety towards the Us-times. People soon will get fed up with the constant connection to the world, and caring for everything that happens somewhere. The We-times were cool but as I feel now, I’m looking forward to some parts of the Us-Time.

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Dan Bull vs Lord Finesse

The British internet rapper Dan Bull, known for raps about video games and political issues, f.e. the ACTA and SOPA discussion, released a rap video about a lawsuit going on between two successful American rappers,  Mac Miller and Lord Finesse about 2 or 3 days ago. The object of the lawsuit and Dan’s rap was the unauthorised use of a Sample created by Lord Finesse (ironically based on a Sample by Oscar Peterson) by Mac Miller. Dan used this Sample, too and rapped about Lord Finesse’s hypocrisy and criticized his way to react on Mac Millers success by suing him. Dan Bull explains this in his newest video, which can be seen here. (Also, naked women)

I agree with Dan as far as I can say, and even though Dan can be rather radical and stands on the very left side of the political spectrum, sometimes being ideological, it seems that he is in the right here . YouTube can not do much here, I guess; but it hurts me that a hip hop artist who had his success turned into an asshat by suing Mac Miller, and even worse, by “censoring” criticism of his behaviour.

Lastly, I want to say, that even though it has become rather quiet in here, I am still there. There’s not much going on to write about, but maybe I can write about Dan Bull, to show You what music he makes, what he is generally like. More Inspiration will come when school starts again, I guess.

As always, feedback is always welcome.

Have a good day,

Numberflow out

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An Open Letter to DICE and EA

Dear creators of Battlefield 3 and especially Battlefield 3 Premium,

I do understand that a triple-A title needs to make big money, and I also understand the reasonable prize of 50€ for 5 map-packs compared to other DLC prizes. I got used to the practice of DLC sold after game release and I have no problem with paying for big amounts of additional content that keep my will to play Battlefield 3 high, I loved B2K and what I saw from CQC, you will improve the game even further.

But here are the reasons why I and parts of the community are still disappointed of you and the Battlefield-Franchise.

You used to give out additional maps for free.

I started playing Battlefield seriously with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which had free map additions for over one year. And in Battlefield 2, there were map-creating tools, so new maps to play were coming as long as people played Battlefield 2. Now, we have neither of this, and we miss it.

DICE’s support and bugfixing used to be quick and individual.

But now, we waited again  1 month for one bug to get fixed. And when the patch came out and problems, as usual, were occurring to some players, the first and quickest response via twitter from the Battlefield channel was disappointing, not helpful and sounded like a general brush-off. And the message was repeated so many times, you got the feeling a machine with no intelligence was answering you.

Your support and bug response were so good that Battlefield players kept to their game developer thinking, they were the best developer of video games at the moment. They were proud that DICE was a company which is listening to the community and so much better than, for example, Activision. But by making Battlefield a direct competitor of CoD, adapting Activison’s strategies in selling their product and dealing with the community, you destroyed this special relationship. This can also be seen on the missing modding and mapping and moviemaking support for Battlefield 3, which made hardcore parts of the franchise very angry, because they experienced better.In a nutshell:

We do not expect anything from Activision but DICE always treated the community well, listened to it and gave out free maps to their fans. And this makes the loss of this relationship so sad.

We, the Battlefield community, swallowed a lot of bitter pills: Origin, DLCs, long patch-intervals and more. But please improve your support to regain trust within the community. because who will pay someone money for stuff that is not there yet, if you cannot trust him?



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Dan Bull tests the Pirates

Just a quick update on the topic I wrote about yesterday:

Today, I found out by chance that Dan Bull, a popular Youtuber, Blogger and independent musician, started an ambitious project: Reaching the UK single charts as an independent musician. But to top it off, he leaves the decision to buy or legally download his single to his fans. He wants to prove that his type of musician can do it without a big record company or ads, just by mouth-to-mouth-“propaganda”. Like I mentioned earlier, I would like to see this happening but I’m still sceptical if this very ambitious plan will work out, his fan base does not seem big enough, but I’d wish it to happen. The single by Dan is definitely better than “Baby” by Justin Bieber, no matter if it gets into the charts or not. And even if it does not work out, it is still an interesting experiment on how music publishing might work in future, in my opinion.

So, if you are interested, check out his website or his Youtube channel. Also, do you think, Dan’s plan will work and can musicians survive by doing similar things as Dan? If not, will that change in future?

Also, Dan bull did a rap/pop song on music industry and “the system”. You can find it here.

Survive the week,

Numberflow out

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E-Dubble: A New Style

2 or 3 years ago, I got kind of into Hip Hop, first German Hip Hop, just because it was music I listened to with my friends, as it is really, really bad most of the time and there can be no argument about individual music taste, and we all could happily agree on the fact that AggroBerlin-rap tracks suck. But as I got more into it and listened to something else than Bushido or Sido (who became decent recently), I got into KIZ, which made similar music, only using more intelligent language and clever punch lines in their tracks.

In the end they were still talking about raping someone else’s parents, thus I went into American Hip Hop, beginning with Eminem and discovered a whole new world. New rhymes, new topics and complex langauge pictures and comparisons. That was cool.

I never got “black” Hip Hop, I couldn’t relate to it, so I stayed on Eminem, Mac Miller and E-Dubble.

While the first two of the three are commonly known, E-Dubble is more of an insider Artist, and I want to talk about him, what makes him special and why I like him.

Being a young, middle-class white man, E -Dubble raps about rather normal stuff, sometimes political, sometimes just about his love for hip hop, but always changes up his beats, his way of conveying his message, making him maybe not the best rapper in the universe, but a very skilled, honest guy who puts lots of effort in his music in which text and beats fit together very well, making it always something you want to listen to.

But the most special thing compared to more popular rappers, is his way of publishing his creations. Being part of the independent label Black Paisley Records, E-Dubble relies heavily on his audience on the internet. Many of his songs are used for CoD Montages on Youtube and available for free download on his homepage. And there lies the difference, no big record companies, which sell records and restrict the use of published songs for example on Youtube. But he gets paid anyways. I don’t know how well, but it seems enough to keep him and the label going.

But how? There are links to Itunes or similar music platforms, right next to the link for a free download, and because of this “honest” way of selling and sharing music and his close contact to his fan base through Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more, people are willing to support him and his music because they enjoy what he does.

Quotes from his website:

“He deserves to be paid.”

“First song I’ve paid for in 3 years.”

“First song i’ve ever actually liked enough to buy from iTunes.”

“If there was a donation box, I’d drop a $100 in for all the free ones I’ve played constantly non-stop for the past year.”

The emotional bonding to a seemingly close musician is much stronger than to a big record company, letting people happily pay for his work, especially when they have the choice to do or not to do, making them feel they are direct supporters, while it seems when buying from Universal that you are only feeding a fat capitalist company and not a small, likable artist who keeps close contact with you on Facebook or Twitter. Let’s hope this system will stay, supporting the individual, smaller artists instead of giving money to the music industry. It’s called industry for a reason. Their time has come in my opinion and I do hope that artists still can live in “Generation free of charge” ( I’m translating the German term “Generation umsonst” rather poorly here, but I’m lacking a better expression) from their music, maybe in a similar way as E-Dubble does.

My favourite tracks:

Tired (absolute favourite, led me to him)


Changed my Mind

Be a King

I hope you have a nice weekend,

Numberflow out

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Coppercab strikes back, misses and hits a fence

Serious shirt for serious business, because the internet is one.

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“TF2 is just people enjoying each other and wearing hats”


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